5 Most expensive breakdowns that can happen to you

What are the five most expensive breakdowns that can happen to you? If you fear visits to the workshop more than anything, knowing what would be the five most expensive causes will surely interest you (especially, to try to avoid them)…

What are the most expensive breakdowns that can happen to you? The answer is as clear as it is distressing: timing belt, injectors, and the turbo, among the most expensive breakdowns to repair. As you well know, not all car parts are equally expensive; but, the replacement of these three, in particular, can range between 1,000 and 2,000 euros.

Holidays, trips, and vacations are approaching, and the tuning of the car seems essential. March, June, and July are the months when more spare parts for the vehicle are purchased. 

A basic inspection: oil + oil filter + air filter for a mid-range card like the Seat León, could cost around €40 if the user you do it on your own, while if you take it to a workshop it could cost twice as much. Endado.com recommends inspecting the car before each trip to avoid more expensive breakdowns than a simple revision, and in this context, it has drawn up a list of the most expensive and common breakdowns.

However, even though these may be the most common, the list of costly breakdowns is headed by the turbo.