7 Easy Tips to Improve Your Posture

There are several ways to improve your posture and give you a healthier way of life. Posture is the way a person holds the body up when standing or sitting. Your posture determines if you will develop medical issues like scoliosis, Lordosis, or other back concerns.

A good posture keeps your back muscles strong allowing for easier movement in any direction, the ability to bend and pick up packages, and the ability to walk or sit up straight.

Habitual bad posture such as slumping or slouching the shoulders, sleeping on your b back, or hunching forward puts long-term pressure on your lower back and shoulders that can lead to chronic back and neck pain. Bad posture adapts your body to a position that is not normal and leads to unnecessary strain. It must be corrected immediately to decrease the weakening of the spinal cord and back muscles. Read on in this article to discover 7 tips to improve your posture.

Pay Attention To Your Posture During The Day

Be mindful of your posture when doing everyday activities like washing dishes or watching television. Sit upright to ensure that you are not putting pressure on your lower back muscles or spinal cord. Long-term slumping while performing everyday chores will lead to habitual bad posture that could lead to lifelong back problems.

As you become comfortable with sitting and standing upright, you will condition your body to good health. Poor posture affects your back, neck, shoulders, legs, and other parts of your body. Paying attention to good posture habits throughout the day will keep your body in a healthy state that will lead to .an improved spinal cord and back.


Daily exercise is always a great way to strengthen and improve your posture. Back exercises that help to strengthen your back and spinal cord include squats, leg lifts, crunches, and push-ups. Back strengthening exercises should be a part of your daily regimen.

Swimming, walking, running, weight training, biking, and yoga give you a variety of activities that strengthens your back, neck, and shoulder muscles. . According to the National Institute of Health, more than 80 percent of Americans have had or continue to have back pain due to poor posture.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

Obesity is a critical issue that is damaging to your body. Obesity leads to heart problems, collapsed lungs, and chronic back pain. Overweight people are putting extra pressure on their joints, muscles, tendons, bones, and spinal cord which lead to poor posture. Experts say that over 70 percent of Americans are either obese or overweight.

A healthy body weight improves posture by putting leas pressure on the back muscles, joints, tendons, bones, and spinal cord. Sitting up straight or walking straight becomes more difficult when your body is carrying excess fat. Obesity and being overweight cause the body to work harder in creating habits that develop good posture.

Wear Comfortable Low Heeled Shoes

Wearing high-heeled shoes puts pressure on the lower back and damages your spinal cord. High-heeled shoes can lead to posture disorders. These disorders include chronic muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, and back, loose or tight muscles during sleep, poor control of movement, core muscle imbalance, and slow reactions or reflexes. Studies show that high-heeled shoes modify your body’s gravity center and balance which leads to poor body alignment and bad posture.

Wearing comfortable low-heeled shoes puts less pressure on your body’s neck, muscles and shoulders. Low-heeled shoes allow your body to be more aligned with your walking surface. This will lead to a stronger spinal cord and a healthier posture. Comfortable low heeled shoes allow for easier bending, sitting, walking, and overall body movement.

Make Sure Workstation Levels Are At A Comfortable Height

Make sure that your workstation is at a comfortable level to establish good posture habits. . Constant overbending and movements that are uncomfortable for your body will place unnecessary strains on your body that could lead to bad posture… A sedentary lifestyle is damaging to your back muscles that need consistent movement to stay healthy.

Adjust your workstation to an acceptable level, so you can work comfortably and exhibit good posture habits. Remember to sit upright while working at your workstation. Remember to stand up straight when washing dishes or doing other chores around your home. Working at an acceptable height level for your body will eliminate stressful movement and create an environment for good posture habits.

Use A Wall, Door or Chair To Get a Good Posture

Stand with your back against a wall or door to develop body alignment. Touch the wall with your head, shoulders, and butt to ensure that you are developing good posture habits. Your heels should be 2 to 4 inches away from the wall or door. This daily exercise will give your body a reference point for developing good posture habits.

Use a chair with a soft cushioned back to develop a good sitting posture. Sit with your back in the chair as far back as possible. With the palms of your hands facing toward each other, press your hands tightly together for 10 seconds. Sit with legs bent at the knee and feet facing forward… Release the palms and repeat the exercise. Use this exercise as a part of your daily regimen to develop good sitting posture habits.

Use A Pillow At Night When Sleeping

Good sleeping habits can improve your body’s posture. Use a pillow or several pillows to place under your head, behind your back, and between your knees and legs to help align your body while sleeping. Pillows take extra pressure off your neck, back, shoulders, legs and can minimize pain and other medical issues.

Some of the best pillows that will help to improve your posture are Sleepgram luxury pillow, GhostPillow Luxury Cooling Memory Pillow, SleepNow 3-in-1 Adjustable Pillow, Ecosa Memory Foam pillow, Layla Kapok Pillow, Fern, and Willow Pillow, Nolah 2 pack Squishy Pillow, Layla Memory Amazon Basics Pillow, Foam Pillow and Standard Textile Chamber Down Pillow, Studies show that sleeping on a firm pillow under your head, shoulders, back and between your legs will create a structure that limits your body’s movement during sleep and increases body alignment.

These are 7 great tips that will help you improve body posture. Do your homework and use these tips to regain strength in your back, neck, shoulders, and leg muscles for easier movement, a healthier body, and improved overall posture.