7 things to know about health insurance

Health insurance can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. All adults need to know the basics because understanding your health insurance could save you money or keep you from going bankrupt if you get sick or hurt. This blog post will give a brief overview of what health insurance is and how it works.
The purpose of this blog post is to provide helpful information about health insurance in a way that makes sense for all readers, regardless of their level of knowledge on the topic. The goal is always 100% satisfaction!

Health insurance is a type of health care coverage that pays for health care costs. Life happens, health events happen, and health expenses happen even to the best of us. So it’s important to have health insurance to protect your assets if you fall ill or get hurt, especially when unexpected medical bills can break
the bank. When health expenses escalate quickly, some people can’t pay their health insurance premiums and become uninsured as a result. It means that the health insurance company says health insurance benefits no longer cover them despite paying monthly premiums. Uninsured people are often faced with outstanding medical bills for services provided because health care providers will not offer health care services at reduced rates until the bill is paid in full or settled with an agreement for deferred billing or payment installment plans.

Please note that I am NOT a licensed agent, financial advisor, or insurance professional. This blog post is to be used as a guideline only and should not take the place of receiving advice from an expert in the field. Anything shared on this blog should be confirmed with your own trusted sources before taking action. Your Independent Agent can help you find

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