Early Signals Of Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer (either non-invasive small cell and large cell) accounts for about half of all cancer cases in the United States. Lung cancer fatalities contribute the other half. It is a leading cause of death for both sexes (the difference between lung cancer and skin cancer). Lung cancer ranks fourth among all cancers, in terms of prevalence, in America. In men, lung cancer is always more frequent than in women, while breast cancer is almost always more frequent than lung cancer.

Most people diagnosed with cancer choose to undergo either surgery or chemotherapy or a combination of both. The chemotherapy treatment has been extremely successful and has dramatically decreased the number of people who die from lung cancer each year. Who makes chemotherapy an excellent option when someone first starts to get cancerous. The major problem with chemotherapy is that it does not eliminate all cancer cells; it just reduces the size of the cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed. Chemotherapy is most effective when administered before surgery because it does not eliminate all cancer cells. It only reduces the size of the ones growing excessively.