6 Natural Home Remedies For Knee Pain

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Knee pain is a common complaint that affects people of all ages. It can be the result of an injury, such as a torn ligament or cartilage tear. Some medical conditions, such as arthritis, gout, and infections, can also cause knee pain.

Many types of mild knee pain respond well to self-care measures. Physical therapy and knee braces can also help relieve pain. However, in some cases, your knee may need surgical repair.

If you have mild to moderate knee pain, you can often treat it at home. Whether it’s due to a sprain or arthritis, there are several ways to manage it.

Pain due to inflammation, arthritis, or a minor injury usually resolves without medical help. Home remedies can improve your comfort level and help you control symptoms.

But if the pain is moderate to severe, or if symptoms persist or worsen, you may need to seek medical attention for a full evaluation.

Read on to learn more about alternative therapies and supplements that can help relieve knee pain.